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About: This migratory bird is one of the first migrants to arrive in my country, India, every year and I have observed that they are one of the last birds to leave. The body of the male bird looks like a work of art with four distinct ‘art’ areas. The head and neck are chocolatey brown, the belly is white

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Black-Tailed Godwit

About: They have very long, black-tipped pink beaks that look like straws. In winters they are dressed in dull brown feathers with white undersides with long, nearly black legs. Their wing feathers may have dark centres. Their tails are black with white tips. As the breeding season approaches, Their necks turn rusty-orange and black stripes appear on their belly. Their

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The Marvellous Barn Swallow

About: They have small, flat black beaks. There are two rust colored areas  one above and  the other below the beak. Are glossy blue above and wear a similar glossy blue bib on the underside, the rest  of the underside being white. The wings are pointed and their tail edges  too are pointed like needles, growing longer with age. The

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