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The Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon

Description: They have white beaks, yellow tinged grey heads, yellow hoods and a triangular lilac shoulder patch. Their backs and tails have varied shades of green, wing edges are pale with dark tips, underside starts with yellow and then merges to green, undertail is white with brown edges. They get their name from their yellow feet. Pretty colorful… I cannot

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The Colorful Painted Stork

The bird which I am talking about is white, black, orange, pink and deep glossy green. Better than my describing it, please have a look yourself. This bird is the Painted Stork. I have seen them make their rather large nests on the islands in waterbodies, mostly on thorny trees. They collect nesting material – generally thicker twigs so that

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Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker

  What they look like: Their beaks are all black, the face white with a black eye stripe and eyes. A long black stripe runs from the chin down to the belly and is streaked white. Their back is golden as the name suggests with white spotted shoulders. The wings have black edges with a few white spots. The tail

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SOS From Grey-Headed Swamphen

This is about loss of habitat. Green before the digger came…   This is an SOS message from this bird and the other species that live and breed in Madiwala lake, Bangalore. Last year in May, I shot videos of several Grey-Headed Swamphens feeding their chicks. The Swamphen family lived in the Madiwala lake area, not far from where I

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