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Green Bee-eater: Of Birds And Bees

Have you ever seen a fairy flying?   I have seen more than one and this is what they look like… About: In flight, my fairy is green with brown wings and has long tail streamers. She wears a black eye mask and her eyes are fiery red. A black band across her neck is clearly visible. Her green head

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The Mesmerizing Paradise-Flycatcher

About: This bird is so beautiful that photos and words can’t do justice to it. You need to see it to understand what I mean to say. The male has a glossy, silky royal blue head & a crest, a blue beak and matching eye-rings. His body is all white with a hint of black on his wing-tips. The tail

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The Talented Tailorbird

What makes this bird special? The fact that it can sew its own nest!!! It is among very few birds with this unique ability. About: It has a rosy crown, red eyes, its beak is long and curved, the body is greenish from above with greyish brown wings and the underbody is whitish. The tail is long and it grows longer in the breeding season. Behavior: It

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