The Fight For Flight:

My usual blog posts are about birds and their problems and threats to their survival. This time I am supporting fellow bird lovers at Fauna Creative who made this film titled ‘The Fight for Flight‘. This short film is about bird migration and is aimed at spreading awareness about the problems birds face while they migrate. It is also about studying about migrating bird using scientific means and finding way to help them. I found the film to be very well made with a clear message.

You can view the film at

To quote the filmmakers:

“Each spring and fall, millions of birds migrate through the Great Lakes between northern breeding grounds and tropical overwintering grounds. The Fight for Flight is a film that highlights this natural phenomenon and tells stories of people who interact with these birds. As technology progresses, we are learning more and more about how we impact these birds during migration. The film tells stories of the research, rehab and conservation involved in understanding and protecting the birds making this epic journey.”

Here is the message from the filmmakers:

“The Fight for Flight is a short film produced by Fauna Creative of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Situated right in the middle of a migratory flyway, we are are hosts to this global natural spectacle. If you’re not looking for signs of this migration, you’ll never know it’s happening. With this film we wanted to put a spotlight on the birds making the journey, who are stopping in our own back yards. We wanted to give a platform to those who are unlocking the mysteries of migration and working toward the sustainable future for these species. The Fight for Flight was an official selection at both the Fresh Coast Film Festival and Thunder Bay International Film Festival.”

About Fauna Creative:

A Grand Rapids based production company, Fauna Creative focuses on stories of science, nature and conservation. They are working to advance education and awareness surrounding our natural world. To know more about them, kindly visit:

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  • I enjoyed the film and as I live on these same Great Lakes and love to see the birds migrating through it’s good to know there are people out there trying to help birds however they can. We have seen forest loss here as people want new large waterfront homes and change the habitat entirely instead of trying to blend the home into the forested area. Hopefully this films message gets out to many people to help them understand the need to balance nature better with human expansion. Thanks for writing about this topic Aditya.

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