Sparrow Update

This is an update on my post titled ‘The Chirpy Sparrows’.

I recently got a chance to observe sparrows up close again as there was a nest with chicks that was out of view. The parents were making several trips with food and so I got to see what they were feeding the chicks. I discovered that they were mainly eating insects as can be seen from my pictures.




Earlier, I had suspected their numbers were falling because of pesticides and insecticides. But now, I have the evidence that insects form a major part of their diet.

So, could this be the biggest reason for the fall in their numbers? What do you think?


  • Hi, insects I believe that, you have the proof, here in NZ they eat everything in my garden, including silverbeet, rhubarb leaves which is supposed to be poisonous all the new growth on plum trees, so no plums this year and the Hibiscus scrub gets completing stripped of leaves, just starting to get new growth now, they must have found something else to eat.
    Needless to say I’m not happy having sparrows in my garden.
    Have a nice day.

  • Great Pics Adi! Keep it up. Proud of your work

  • Because insects are decreasing, and sparrows eat insects, it stands to reason that their decline is at least partially due to the loss of one food source.

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