About me…


I am from India and am 20 years old. My name is Aditya Singh. I am deeply interested in birds, wildlife and nature and want to do my bit in conserving our bio-diversity. Whenever it is possible, I do make it a point to visit places where I can observe birds and wildlife and take some pictures.

One of things that I really want to do (and haven’t been able to so far) is to see a tiger in the wild. Perhaps, there are not too many of them left. I see the same happening to birds everywhere. Problems are many and our conservation efforts are not keeping up with the challenge. And it is for us to change that…each one of us doing his / her part will lead to that change.

To create awareness about the challenges, I started this blog in 2016. Thanks for visiting.


Kindly feel free to reach out if you wish to know more and / or wish to use my pictures. Do leave a message through Contact tab above and I will revert at the earliest.