Monthly Archives: July 2017

The Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon

Description: They have white beaks, yellow tinged grey heads, yellow hoods and a triangular lilac shoulder patch. Their backs and tails have varied shades of green, wing edges are pale with dark tips, underside starts with yellow and then merges to green, undertail is white with brown edges. They get their name from their yellow feet. Pretty colorful… I cannot

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The Colorful Painted Stork

The bird which I am talking about is white, black, orange, pink and deep glossy green. Better than my describing it, please have a look yourself. This bird is the Painted Stork. I have seen them make their rather large nests on the islands in waterbodies, mostly on thorny trees. They collect nesting material – generally thicker twigs so that

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This post is in continuation to my earlier post on the Indian Silverbill. There are seven other similar birds of the same family. One of them is found only in India (Green Avadavat) and is now vulnerable to extinction. Out of the eight, I have been able to see six of them. Wanted to share pictures of these so that

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