Monthly Archives: June 2017

Indian Silverbill

Why this post? You must be wondering why I am telling you about a small brown Indian bird that is even smaller than a sparrow. Why? Because they are ranked as number one in the illegal pet trade. Sometimes Silverbills are dyed in exotic colours and sold under false names.  They are sent to other countries and are sold as caged

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Spotted Owlet

Their name in Hindi is ‘Khusat’ which means an old man… About: They do look like white-bearded old men with white framed spectacles & wearing brown waist-coats. The crown and back are brown with white spots, the belly is white and the tail has white bands and they wear white furry socks. Sneak Peek: It was late evening and a

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Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker

The only Flameback Woodpecker with black rump & black throat.  What they look like: Their beaks are all black, the face white with a black eye stripe and eyes. A long black stripe runs from the chin down to the belly and is streaked white. Their back is golden as the name suggests with white spotted shoulders. The wings have

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