Monthly Archives: February 2017

Flamingos in my city…

About: Greater Flamingos are tall, magnificent birds with a pink boomerang-shaped upper bill with black tips. It has small pale eyes with dark centres and long S-shaped necks. It has pink painted wings that have black edges and long pink stick-like legs. The tail is white and looks like a flower when in flight. This one is found across three continents. The

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The Talented Tailorbird

What makes this bird special? The fact that it can sew its own nest!!! It is among very few birds with this unique ability. About: It has a rosy crown, red eyes, its beak is long and curved, the body is greenish from above with greyish brown wings and the underbody is whitish. The tail is long and it grows longer in the breeding season. Behavior: It

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The Oriental White-eye And The Cats

About Oriental White-Eye: These are tiny thumb-sized yellow coloured birds with pale grey undersides, wearing yellow bibs and have black eyes outlined with a white ring which look very conspicuous and give them a goggled look and their species name. Behaviour: They seem to be very playful playing follow-the-leader and then hide and seek with the photographer. I say so

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