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The Amazing Bar-headed Geese

What is special about bar-headed geese? It has the ability to fly over the highest mountain range in the world. As it migrates into the plains of North India from Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other central Asian regions, it navigates through far below-freezing temperatures (up to -50ºC) and extremely low oxygen levels. It has been reported to fly at an altitude of 24000

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The Distressed Black Kite

One evening, from my house in Bangalore, I saw a juvenile black kite perched on the clothes stand of a neighboring balcony. It was screeching out loud and that is how I noticed it. It just wasn’t brave enough to fly out. Its distressed parents were circling above, calling and hoping to coax it out. One of them even scooped down towards

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Hello & thanks for stopping by…

Welcome to my birding blog… I have always had a fascination for flying objects. Earlier it was man-made flying objects that gradually turned to birds, insects and other flying species. I have now been observing birds for more than 7 years. One of the things I have observed is that the problems they face have only increased with each passing day. Through

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The Caring Greater Yellownape

About: At first sight, this bird is greenish olivy with a yellow bordered brush-like back of the neck. It has a rusty crown. It’s beak is long and grey. A rust- and black barred wing-edge and a long black inverted v-shaped tail. The belly is dull grey with a darker breast and having white bristles under the throat. The male

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